Girlfriend (Hermione/Draco/Pansy)
Well,there isnt so much to explain about the story.Draco is with Pansy, but Hermione can´t except that.She wants to show Draco,that she is better as Pansy!And altough Draco ignors her,Hermione knows that he really wants her.(But as we know,Draco would never ever show his true feelings somebody so fast!^^) Finally Hermione can´t take Dracos behaviour anymore and sreams at him, to stop acting and understands her feelings. It was a bit difficult to do this vid,because there arent so much clips or pictures from Pansy.But I tryed to do my best!... One last thing to explain: The clip at the beginnig were Hermione stands next to a brown hair girl (clip from the 1. movie) should be Pansy.In the scene Draco smiles at the two girls. I like it,because you dont know,who is ment of them! Hermy and Draco forever!XD
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